Plan for Tomorrow’s Challenges Today: Top Packaging Trends for 2013

Help us define the Top 10 trends for 2013. We’ve already identified the Top 9:

10. Clean machine design helps drive OEM growth and meet new regulations
9. Digital printing continues to make advances and becomes a reality
8. Sustainable packaging and waste to value propositions get more clarity and harmonization
7. Interactive and intelligent packaging becomes more real and gets commercialized
6. Flexible packaging growing in new markets and categories globally
5. Companies ramp up new processes to look at risk and anticipatory issues and get in front of the next BPA
4. Digital media and package design: Social media and zero moment of truth will offer big opportunities for packaging going forward
3. Packaging enabled innovation and growth: More companies targeting a percentage of their growth driven by packaging
2. Consumer insight for packaging: Companies recognize the importance of consumer insights for packaging, how it can vary, and expect more data from suppliers.

We want to hear from you before we decide the Final 10. We are asking our colleagues in the packaging industry to tell us what they think the biggest trend in 2013 will be.

The person who submits the best idea will receive a one year subscription to PULSE, valued at $15,000. Submit your idea by Jan 11, 2013 to be considered. The winning idea will be selected by the Packaging experts at Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions and announced no later than Jan 31, 2013.

15 thoughts on “Plan for Tomorrow’s Challenges Today: Top Packaging Trends for 2013

  1. Jeff Hopkins

    Top Trend – Significant use of FDA approved post consumer recycled plastics back into virgin plastic supply stream for conversion into packaging -

  2. Jeff Loth

    Top trend – the increaing use of holistic packaging design across industry to drive more effective packaging solutions

  3. Alan Lewis

    Packaging product and process development timeline squeezed even further, as time to market for products reduced significantly as brands and retailers ” chase the dragon” to launch products faster in a recessionary economy to gain incremental sales volumes.

  4. Matt Daum

    Refresh of package graphics/messaging and packaging design as brands try to capitalize on broader social and economic trends (i.e. convey value due to fiscal cliff concerns; upscale private label to compete with national brands; etc.)

  5. jeferson Anzanello

    Sustainability = The application of A critical analysis in a new packaging development, new packaging system or a revision in both in order to increase the maximum food availability to consumers and reducing the maximum food damage in the logistics chain.

  6. maria loreto valdes

    Packaging is becoming a top of mind issue for everyone, – all ages; it´s handy, it´s fun, it´s convenient
    and it´s a social responsability!

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